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When Is A Root Canal Really Necessary?

Posted by Dr. Be Smiles May 03, 2023

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Have you noticed a cavity forming in your tooth but haven’t had the time to go get it checked out? Leaving it be will just worsen the decay level, and your natural tooth will be permanently affected. There are more than 15 million root canals getting performed every year, so if your dentist in Midland tells you that you need one, you’re not alone.

Here’s when a root canal might be necessary:

Severe pain

Any sensitivity or pain around your gums or teeth can be rather unpleasant. If you experience spontaneous bursts of pain that hit like a wave, it’s probably because you have a dead or infected tooth that’s in need of a root canal. Certain positions where you’re laying or bending down might put pressure on your face and tooth and make the pain worse—this signifies that it’s root canal pain.

Bumps on gums

Have you noticed any bumps appearing on your gums lately? This might be a sign that your tooth has gotten infected and needs root canal treatment. These bumps have a similar appearance to pimples and are called a ‘fistula.’

Sensitivity to cold and hot beverages

You might experience tooth sensitivity to cold and hot foods and beverages even if you don’t need a root canal due to a variety of reasons. However, if the sensitivity tends to linger long after you’re done eating or drinking, you probably need a root canal.

Swollen gums

Swollen gums are usually a sign of an infection in your tooth. You might experience inflamed gums post flossing or brushing if you use a heavy hand, but painful and tender gums that remain swollen mean that there’s a more serious issue.

Darkening of gums

If you see your gums darkening, it means that they’re decaying. An infection that causes your tooth to die will also cause your gums to decay. These telltale signs often mean that you need to get a root canal treatment done as soon as possible

Get a same-day root canal in Midland

Whether or not you need a root canal treatment is going to be up to your dentist. Dr Be Smiles is a private-owned clinic that provides same-day dental services for various dental issues, including cavities. Our dental services include same-day dental implants, root canals, and teeth deep cleaning. Our compassionate team members will make sure to answer any questions and clear up any misunderstandings regarding the procedure.

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