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    Root Canals

    A root canal is a procedure that removes infected and inflamed tissue from inside a tooth. During the procedure, the dentist removes the pulp from inside the tooth and fills the tooth with a rubbery material called gutta-percha. This helps stop the infection from progressing and prevents the tooth from having to be extracted. The affected tooth will be capped with a custom crown to restore its appearance and strength after the root canal procedure. 

    If you have a damaged or diseased tooth, our dentist at Dr Be Smiles will be able to determine if you need a root canal after examining it. X-rays may also be taken of your teeth for a more in-depth assessment. If you’re unsure if you need a root canal, our dentist can help you determine whether or not you would benefit from the procedure. 

    The Root Canal Procedure 

    The dentist will first numb the area around the affected tooth with a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort during the procedure. The dentist will then create a small hole in the top of the tooth to access the pulp. Next, the dentist will carefully remove the infected or damaged pulp from inside the tooth using special tools.

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    Finally, the dentist will clean and shape the inside of the tooth to prepare it for filling. The canals are filled with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha and sealed with an adhesive cement to prevent further infection. After the root canal procedure, the tooth may be restored with a filling or a crown to provide additional protection and restore its shape and function. 

    The Benefits of Root Canal Treatments

    • Permanently clean the infected area, leaving you with a healthier tooth.
    • Prevent infection from spreading to other teeth or areas of your face.
    • Save the tooth from being extracted and avoid having to replace it with a bridge or a dental implant.
    • Restore your chewing ability and eliminate any pain or discomfort associated with the infection. 
    • Save you time and money as opposed to replacing the tooth. 
    • Reduce the risk of additional tooth pain in the future due to the root being exposed.
    • Improve your overall oral health and prevent the need for future procedures due to an infected tooth.
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    Root canal therapy is a standard and effective procedure performed to save a damaged or infected tooth from extraction. It can also relieve tooth pain or sensitivity caused by the infection or inflammation of the pulp. With proper care and maintenance, a tooth that has undergone a root canal procedure can last a lifetime. Visit Dr Be Smiles at 4511 N Midkiff Rd, Suite E-15, Midland, TX 79705, or call (432) 520-4867 for the best dental care.

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