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    Same-day dentistry is a term used to describe dental procedures completed in a single appointment, often within a few hours of making the appointment. This means that patients can walk into a dental office with a dental issue and walk out with a fully restored smile, all in one visit. 

    Same-day dentistry has been made possible by advancements in digital technology, such as computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM), which allows dental professionals to design and fabricate restorations, such as crowns, bridges, and veneers, in-house. Patients can have their teeth prepared and restorations designed, manufactured, and placed with same-day dentistry, all in the same visit. 

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    Same-day dentistry can offer a range of benefits for patients, including convenience, time-saving, and improved outcomes. Patients can save time and reduce their overall treatment costs by eliminating the need for multiple appointments. Additionally, same-day restorations can provide better fitting and more aesthetically pleasing results, as the restorations can be custom-designed and fabricated to fit the patient's exact specifications.  

    Our dentist at Dr Be Smiles provides VIP experiences to all his patients and same-day treatments or same-day dentistry whenever they are needed. He is the one who greets patients and is with them from the beginning to the end of their visit. He always finds time to provide care for those in need, spends time with patients, makes them feel cared for, and explains procedures in detail. 

    Types of Same-day Dental Treatments and Procedures

    Same-Day Crowns and Bridges

    With CAD-CAM technology, dental professionals can now create and place custom-fitted crowns or bridges in a single appointment, providing much-needed same-day treatment to patients with damaged or missing teeth. Using this advanced digital technology, known as computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing, our dentist can design and fabricate your restoration in-office on the same day as your first appointment. 

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    Digital X-Rays

    Digital X-rays are a safer and more efficient alternative to traditional X-rays, as they use lower radiation levels and produce instant, high-quality images. These images can be easily viewed and shared with patients, allowing for a more collaborative approach to treatment planning.

    Emergency Services

    We provide emergency dental services to immediately treat patients with urgent dental issues, such as severe toothaches, broken teeth, or knocked-out teeth. These services are available outside of regular business hours and on weekends, ensuring that patients can receive the care they need when they need it. 

    The Benefits of Same-Day Dentistry


    One of the main benefits of same-day dentistry is convenience. Patients can have their dental needs addressed and resolved in a single visit, saving them time and reducing the need for multiple appointments.

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    Reduced Anxiety

    Visiting the dentist can be an anxious experience for many patients. Same-day dentistry can help reduce stress by providing a more efficient and streamlined treatment process.

    Faster Relief

    Patients who require emergency dental care can benefit from same-day dentistry, as they can receive prompt treatment and quicker relief from pain and discomfort.

    Same-day dentistry is a convenient and efficient way for patients to receive dental treatment, allowing them to leave the dental office with a restored smile in just one visit. For the best dental care, contact Dr Be Smiles at 4511 N Midkiff Rd, Suite E-15, Midland, TX 79705, or call (432) 520-4867.

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